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  • Possess a sound academic background of staff, comprehensive skills and strong operational knowledge
  • Collaborative Customer Relationships with providing customized service
  • Flexible Multimodal Transportation Solutions
  • Exceptional network of agents spread across the globe is a key factor to success
  • Assurance that the cargo is picked up and delivered to end customers within the stipulated time-frame
  • Expert professionals are offering quick, efficient and effective solutions
  • Design different approaches in order to cater its various client
  • Flexible and Careful with each shipment and try to use expertise in this industry by focusing and improving overall quality of service that offering to all customer
  • Most Competitive Price with flexible business model

product and service line

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International Freight Services

- Sea and Air Freight
- Sea-Air and Air-Air Service
- Customs Clearing
- Multimodal Services


Supply Chain Solutions

- Consolidations
- Design and Commercialization
- Origin/Destination


Warehousing and Distribution

- Pick & Pack and Labeling
- Bonded QC Platform
- PO Management and Reporting
- Personal Effect and Household


Project Cargo

- Governmental & Non-Government
- Special Handling
- Dangerous Movement
- Plant Transfer



- EDI Interfaces
- Live Visibility
- Stakeholders Login

focus industries

fashion logistics

foods stuff

parts and machineries

jute goods

leather and footwear


shipping line partner

Without any inconsistency we are highly capable of transferring goods (Apparel, FMCG, DG, Special, Required goods, any others) to any part of the world by excellent management of carrier selection with competitive cost. Most of the carriers operating under 3 global shipping alliance on 2M, Ocean Alliance (OA) and The Alliance (TA) serving same services to make it very specific trade lane towards global destinations.

Owning service contract and space protection with most of the shipping lines including:





air line partner

Certainly, we have our air services world class for our loyal customer as well as stakeholders by ensuring sharp time management with faster services. Without any inconsistency we are highly capable of transferring the goods through air to any part of the world by maximizing the profit for the manufacturers and the stakeholders for any size of the volume.

Guaranteed space and most competitive rate agreement with most of the airlines including:

online carrier

offline carrier

sea-air services

It’s an attractive solution for delay cargo delivery of shipper’s with reducing Direct Air freight cost to go via SEA AIR combined movement by vessel and Aircraft, means ship then fly. But from Bangladesh 2 gateway named CMB and DXB is very lucrative for client whereas transit time respectively 10 days to 15 days cut from the direct Sea T/T to EUROPE/USA ex ASIA about 30 days required.

Transit HUB’s




Transit time required (aprx)

  • VIA DXB 17-20 DAYS
  • VIA SIN and CMB 10-12 DAYS

We have dedicated space with full time manpower at ESACK (EBILCY) CFS/Depot to completion processing of export and import activities.

  • Total Area 1,001,800 SFT
  • Empty Storage Area 500,000 SFT
  • Empty Storage Capacity 10,000 TEUs (5-High)
  • Yard Cargo Stuffing Area 120,000 SFT
  • Middle Halishahar, Bandar, Chattogram, Bangladesh

CFS/ICD Features

  • Export Cargo Storage Area 260,000 SFT (3-Sheds)
    • Cargo Receiving Bays – 43 NOS
    • Conveyor belt for Receiving Cargo – 20 NOS
    • Cargo Stuffing Bays – 43 NOS
    • Sliding for Stuffing Cargo – 20 NOS
  • Direct Goods Stuffing Shed – 10,000 SFT
  • Reefer Cargo Stuffing Points – 25 NOS
  • Import Delivery Shed – 15,000 SFT
  • Standby Generator 3 NOS, Total Capacity 1.2 MW 


Equipment Details 

  • Laden Container Handlers- Existing 4 units 45-ton Fantuzzi Reachstacker and 1 Unit Newly purchased Reachstacker.
  • Empty Container Handlers-Existing 1 unit 7.5-ton Fantuzzi Reachstacker
  • Side Lifter-4 Units newly purchased Side-lifters with 6+1 high stacking capacity for handling of Empty Containers
  • Hydraulic Cranes- Existing 9 units 25-ton and 2 Unit 35-ton rough terrain hydraulic Cranes
  • Forklifts-The Forklift fleet consists of 16 units of different capacities, with newly purchased 6 units.     
  • Prime Movers with chassis 62 NOS and 30 NOS of extra chassis.
  • Electronic Weighing Scale – Capacity 80-Tons



  • 4 brand new Reach Stacker of 45 tonne capacity for laden container handling.
  • 5 Side Lifters of 16 tonne capacity for empty container handling.
  • 75 brand new Prime Movers for container transportation.
  • 102 Trailers for transportation and on-chassis stuffing.
  • 15 Low Mast Forklifts for stuffing and un-stuffing of Jute, Palletised cargo, raw cotton, etc, with necessary attachment as required are in operation.
  • 30 special trolleys made for fast unloading of export cargo from Covered Vans, Trucks and also for stuffing of the same into containers.
  • 7. 2 Computerized Electronic Weighment bridges of 100 tonne capacity.



Container Yard of 7,00,000 sft for storage of 7000 TEUs laden and Empty ctnr

  • 48 Reefer Plug Points are in operation.
  • 3 Container Freight Stations of 2,50,000 sft of which 1,00,000 sft are in the 
  • 1st Floor of CFS 1 & 2.
  • There are 36 loading platforms at CFS 1, 48 at CFS 2 and 28 at CFS 3 for on-chasis stuffing and unloading from Covered Vans and Trucks. There are one 5 tonne capacity cargo lift, 4 conveyer belts in CFS 1, and 9 conveyer belts in CFS 2.
  • Arrangement for handling export hanger cargo is available at CFS 1 with adequate hanger trolleys for expeditious stuffing of such cargo.
  • A Jute Shed of 15000 sft is available for stuffing of Jute, Jute Goods and other similar export cargo.
  • An Import Hanger Shed of 18000 sft for bagging of bulk cargo and all weather delivery of import cargo carried in FCL Containers.
  • In order to meet requirement of some of the buyers, Cargo Inspection Centre prior to stuffing has been set up with permission of the Customs Authority.
  • A standby generator of 550 KVA is operating for ensuring uninterrupted supply of power specially for the reefer containers. There is sufficient illumination for smooth CFS and Yard Operation.
  • A Mechanical workshop has been established for maintenance and repair of all Container and Cargo handling equipment’s.
  • 2 Gates are in operation for smooth entry and exit of the Container Carrying Trailers and Cargo Carrying Covered Vans etc.

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