4 decades of solid trade experience

The vision of our group is to provide the most effective business solution in terms of competitive prices for various products, assuring quality, delivery and services, a combination that would help us, to reach our customer’s ultimate satisfaction and to remain and grow in touch with them. We are in process of establishing business associations all around the globe covering North and South America, most of the Europe and Australia and more recently to Asia and the Subcontinent. We have a very efficient and experienced Technical and Management team capable of catering the versatile demands of the ultimate customers relating to Basic, Casual, Lounge and Sleep-wears.

Product Range

The product range covers all the types of 100% export oriented Knit Garment Manufacturing item including polo shirt, T- Shirt, Hoody jacket, sweat pant and shirt, leggings, Zip through jacket and 100% export oriented knit fabric manufacturing products including single jersey, pique, terry, fleece, elastane base fabric, jacquard fabric or any other embellishments.


The knitting Department of Seacotex Group has been established with the state-of-the-art machineries that can satisfy the versatile range of requirements in terms of fabrics types, gauges, gsm and finishes. Since the types of garments are consisting of Camy and Tights to Hoody and Jackets. We have arranged our knitting Departments equipped with all the wide range of flexibilities and modalities.


  • Knitting Capacity: 12 tons/day
  • GSM coverage: 100-400
  • Gauge coverage: 12-28
  • Elastane coverage: 2-10


Our dyeing section is outfitted in a comprehensive manner that ensures complete support for the garments sections by supplying the necessary fabrics in adequate quantity and timely manner while maintaining the required high-quality standards. To ensure trouble free dyeing of all variety of knit fabrics, our dye house is equipped with Winch machines of all the variations s such as Soft Flow, Atmospheric, HH and Vertical types winch machines. To ensure ecofriendly dyeing, we have low liquor ratio machines and at the same time for the delicate and light-weight stretchable fabrics we have horizontal type soft flow machines.


  • No of M/C: 20 M/C
  • size: 10 kgs to 1200 kgs
  • Dyeing Capacity: 15,000 kgs/day


Our Finishing Department is of having most wide range of machineries. To ensure pre-shrunk PK Polo we have sufficient Tumble Dryer machines and at the same time to give a silky touch on Cotton span fabrics we have latest version of Lafer compactor. Besides, the section is equipped with Tensionless Dryer and state of the art Stenter machines of different no. of chambers. With these vast range of machineries, we are capable of finishing the fabrics with their various demands and innovative requirements by the buyers.


  • Heat Setting and Drying Capacity: 18 tons/day
  • Compaction Capacity: 15 tons/day
  • Raising and Brushing Capacity:6 tons/day
  • Tumbler Capacity: 4, 000 kgs/day

Sewing and Garment Finishing

Our Sewing and Finishing facilities contain a full complement of the latest equipment to support our entire production facility. Our Sewing facility is operated by skilled workers and supervisors, most of whom have been with us from the very beginning. We are very proud of the expertise of our operators, who regularly surpass the expected output quality. Our Finishing facility is equipped with all the necessary machines such as Metal detector, Button pull etc and skillfully prepares all the manufactured items for final delivery to the end buyer.


  • No. of Sewing M/C: 480
  • No. Sewing Lines: 20
  • Sewing Capacity: 40, 000 pcs/day
  • Finishing Capacity :50, 000 pcs/day

Embroidery and Printing

We have set up our Printing and Embroidery section keeping in mind the buyer’s requirements of the current trends. Our Embroidery section is equipped one of the most renowned brand Tajima machines. They can well serve the limited requirements mostly for Polo and Jacket items. The Printing section has the arrangement to provide works in all the modes like Pigment/Rubber/Flock/HD/Plastisol/Puff /Fluro/Ombre/Photo and Discharge prints. The total capacity of six large table together is 15, 000 pcs/day based on the type of the print.


  • No. of Printing Table: 6 pcs
  • No. of Embroidery M/C: 2
  • Printing Capacity: 12, 000-15,000 pcs/day
  • Embroidery Capacity: 4, 000-6,000 pcs/day

Some of Our Client


Since its inception Seacotex Group has been proud to be awarded with most of the certificates and requisites deemed mandatory by the buyer. So, it has been successfully maintaining the following certificates/requirements:


as are required to work with the buyers of UK and EU

ZT (Zero Tolerance)

required to work through renowned trade house Lee and Fung


awarded Yellow: common umbrella for compliance by most of the renowned buyers

From the beginning Seacotex Group has not been sincere only in complying with the buyer’s requirement of compliance but also serious in building its own image nationally. Thus, it has been awarded by National Export Trophy by the Government of Bangladesh as the Third highest exporter of the country in 1996.

Safe work place for Happy Workers and Happy Business

Despite the loopholes, due to continual maintaining of steady growth of revenue from garments export, Bangladesh has been included in the selected list of’ Emerging-11′ This has become happened to be possible since the Garment industry has taken a challenging step in implementing measures relating to structural, fire and electrical safely of the workers given in the compliance guidelines by the buyers. Our ultimate goal is to help ensure that safe workplaces in Bangladesh become the rule, not the exception, for all women and men employed in the Bangladesh ready-made garment industry. We are committed to working together to help implement lasting solutions.

Here in Seacotex, thanks to the attitude of the Management for the implementation of the compliance requisites by the buyers as well as the inner felt responsibility towards the society, ecology and the country as a whole. Each litter of safe disposal from our gigantic ETP plant not only uphold the Group’s quest for better environment but also, it’s commitment for building a better and safer Bangladesh for the generations to come. We believe that the day is not that far, when we will recycle our textile and garment’s wastage into fresh new products and discharge effluent of zero-degree harmfulness!

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